​​​​​​​​​​When will the training be held and what is the time commitment?

The training will take place over approximately 18 months.  The training will usually involve 1 intensive weekend every other month with shorter meetings online on about 1 Saturday per month in-between.  Students are also required to keep up with personal study, including assigned readings and yoga practice and to take a number of classes at a local studio.  

What is the cost of the training?

Cost of the training is $2000.  This total can be divided into 4 or 8 payments and may be paid by check, cash, or automatic debit from a checking account.

This includes all classroom training hours, class manuals and handouts.  It does not include cost of classes taken at a studio or required textbooks (which will cost about $100);  

How Do I Apply?

The process is simple.  Please complete the form (click the button below and print it out) and return it to:

Deborah Layton

Breath Centered

959 Pemart Avenue

Peekskill, NY  10566

Please submit the form by June 1 2017 along with your first payment ($500 or $250, depending on preferred payment plan) in a check made out to Deborah Layton.  If you prefer to submit electronically by credit card or from your bank account, please email your application to yogadeb914@gmail.com.  A PayPal invoice will be emailed back to you for the application fee.  Applications submitted without the fee cannot be considered.


Any other questions?

Please contact us!  See the contact page.  A complete syllabus and tentative training schedule can be emailed on request.

The training program includes:

  • Teaching Techniques, Practices, and Practice Teaching.  The training involves discussion and practice of yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama), visualization (bhavana), hand gestures (mudra), chanting (mantra), and meditation practices (dharana, dhyana, pratyahara).  In addition to classroom and personal practice, each student is required to practice teaching class segments or entire classes to develop the ability to teach with clarity and in concert with their own interests.
  • ​Teaching Methodology.  Students will learn logical sequencing approaches to teaching all segments of a yoga practice.This will include such concepts as selecting peak poses, creating class themes, adapting to different skill levels and age groups, using props, eye contact, voice, demonstration, and hands-on adjustments to guide students toward their own expression of practice, and developing an eye for observing breath and postural patterns. 
  •  Yoga Anatomy.  For the physical body, we will take a systems approach to study of anatomy, how it forms a basis for how yoga may be practiced and how yoga practices have traditionally been thought to affect the body.  Experiential anatomy allows students to have a better understanding of the inner workings of the body and how that affects yoga practice--and how yoga practice affects the person. The energetic system of the body--chakras, nadis, etc.--will also be studied to provide an alternative basis for how to approach health and wellness from a yoga perspective.
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle.  Study of the Yoga Sutras is a necessary part of a yoga teacher's understanding of the philosophical basis of yoga.  In addition to reading and discussion of the Yoga Sutras, there will be consideration of yoga teacher ethics, the student-teacher relationship and the historical context of ancient and modern yoga and the Hindu religion.  Students will keep a journal of their practices to begin observing effects of practice in their own lives and develop and authentic basis for teaching and practice.

Experienced Teacher.

Close to Home.

Course Content.

Life is stressful enough and going through a teacher training program puts additional demands on your time.  Yoga should not be stressful and studying locally allows you to better keep to your existing schedule while gaining the knowledge you need to become a good teacher.

Breath Centered's training is truly geared toward yoga through the life span--from pre-natal to adults with a variety of needs and interests.  You will learn not only how to intelligently put together a course that includes appropriate postures, breathing, and meditation practices for a group but also how to work with individuals.

Deborah has been teaching yoga for 13 years and has been practicing for more than 20. Yoga has been part of her own process of healing from njuries and dealing with stress.  She works with students from all walks of life, from pregnant women to active military to senior citizens.

You could travel and study at many of the larger yoga centers or ashrams who have been running training programs for many years, so you may ask why you would want to study at a small, local venue.  Here is why you might want to study with Breath Centered:


Now Accepting Applications for the WV/MD Training!

Training will begin when there are sufficient applications.  Location to be determined.