While we are just transitioning this year as a Pilates studio, formerly named Pilates for Every Body, to a more varied program including yoga, somatic movement, and bodywork, our combined expertises stretch back to at least 1990.  Each of us is thoroughly trained in the programs offered and did not just take a weekend workshop here and there.  We truly care about helping our students achieve their personal goals and put in the effort necessary to be good guides!  If you're interested in getting back to activity after pregnancy, injury, or life transition, we're here to help!

Are you trained as an instructor in Pilates Mat or Reformer?  We need part-time and substitute instructors immediately.  Please either text or email us or drop by the studio during open hours when a class is not in session.  We'd love to speak with you!

For those with Pilates experience and an interest in becoming an instructor, we may also consider assisting the right person with tuition in a program.  Please contact us for details.

Other Practitioners Wanted!.

Liz previously owned Pilates for Every Body and is a comprehensively trained and caring Pilates instructor, focusing on seniors, post-rehab and perinatal Pilates. 

Liz has been a dancer, singer and actor most of her life.  She has a B.F.A. from the University of Michigan’s prestigious Musical Theatre Program.  After teaching dance and theatre arts locally for about 20 years, Liz is currently renewing her acting career having recent roles in short films, commercials, and appearances in TV series such as The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and American Rust.

Liz's joyful approach to Pilates can be experienced in her classes on Tuesdays and Thursday at 4:30 pm and Friday mornings at 8:30.

Pilates * And so Much More

We know there's nothing in the world better than feeling like you can participate in life as you want to.
Whether that's being able to climb a mountain or just get your shopping and gardening done with minimal pain, we're here for you!
At Breath Centered, we have the passion, dedication, commitment and knowledge to make that happen.

Are you a yoga instructor, massage therapist, or other wellness practitioner seeking a place for part-time practice, please contact us.  We have space suitable for small group classes, workshops, and bodywork during hours that may work for you.  We also anticipate needing substitute teachers and practitioners if one of us is ill or away for training or vacation.  Please inquire via text or email or stop by during business hours when class is not in session.  

Helping You Stay Healthy and Happy!

We Have More Than 30 Years of Experience

Pilates Instructors Wanted!

Deb is the owner of Breath Centered and is passionate about helping people feel better and thrive regardless of life stage.

Not only is she a licensed massage therapist, comprehensively trained Pilates instructor, professional aromatherapist, and a yoga therapist with over 2000 hours of training, she is also an authorized teacher of Alchemy of Menopause, Sounder Sleep System and Movement Intelligence programs.  Individualized sessions can include one or more of these approaches to address what you need for mind-body health! 

Deb teaches Pilates equipment classes Mondays 8:30, 11:30 and 5:30: Tuesdays 5:45; Wednesdays 8:30 and 5:30.

Once the Mountaineer Mall studio is open, Deb will offer Pilates mat and yoga classes as well as shiatsu bodywork.  If you're interested in yoga for body and mind health, a personal practice can be set up with a yoga therapy session.  A lifestyle interview often

helps with putting you in the correct direction with our offerings.