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If you’ve tried group Pilates mat classes in a gym or tried to follow them with a video, the exercises might have seemed really hard.  Often, the warm-ups are too short for stiff joints and the progressions are too quick from easy to hard exercises.  Besides that, it is actually true that the mat exercises that use body weight and work against gravity are, in many ways, harder than those done on machines. Joseph Pilates originally developed his exercises and equipment for rehabilitating soldiers injured in wartime.  Only later did he work with young dancers and athletes with the matwork.  But the exercises and resistance equipment is perfect for older students to build and maintain strength, balance, and symmetry.  You can start with a group class or opt for personal training.

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Bones for Life® and Sounder Sleep System®

Insomnia and osteoporosis are so common these days, if you don’t have both, you’re likely to have one or the other (and you’re lucky if you have neither).  Often pills or other treatments are prescribed and, while they can be effective, you might have concerns about the side effects of treatment. 

A good night’s sleep is one of the most important things to maintaining health, since much cellular repair happens at this time.  And having good posture and movement can go a long way toward preventing the typical hunched-over, shuffling gait that often accompanies aging and osteoporosis. 

Somatic movement approaches to these two problems aren’t well-known, but they can be very helpful to many people.  Rooted in the Feldenkrais Method, but drawing additional exercises from yoga, meditation, and NASA science, the Sounder Sleep System and Bones for Life provide some new ways to deal with these age-old problems.

These are available currently as individual or small group online classes.  Pricing is not listed online so please contact Deborah for details.

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Group Classes & Private Wellness Sessions

Shiatsu Influenced Massage.

Shiatsu differs from Western massage in that it views the human system as moving, flowing energies that, when performing optimally, allow the person to be healthy in body, mind, and emotions.  When out of balance, energies may stagnate in certain areas and result in physical issues, such as pain or stiffness, or in mental/emotional issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, fear, or sadness.  

The work is performed with the recipient on a mat on the floor or a low table, wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  The therapist uses hands, forearms, knees, and feet to apply varying levels of pressure in general ways or to more specific points.  Shaking, rocking, and stretching are also part of the treatment, depending on the client's needs.  No oils, creams or powders are usually applied, although a small amount of oil may be used on the face or hands if skin is particularly dry.

In addition to shiatsu and acupressure techniques, the session may include some myofascial release and trigger point work.

​Introductory special:  1st 1-hour session is $49!

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Online scheduling

Yoga Classes, Individual yoga training, and yoga therapy

I know.  You’ve tried classes at the gym or a yoga studio and thought to yourself “I’m never going to be able to keep up with the rest of the class.”  Or, you stayed with it long enough to get up to speed but got injured.  Or, you found yourself being sore for 5 days afterward.  Maybe you actually prefer to do a practice on your own at home but are never sure if you’re “doing it right.” And fitting an hour or more into your life every day (or even once a week), simply isn’t going to work for you.  There’s a lot of hype about how it’s good for you—but you just haven’t found something that fits. 

Viniyoga specifically recognizes that there are different practices needed at different stages of life.  And, if you’re in the “householder” or “elder” phase your practice needs to be different from the “youth” or “student” phase.  Breath Centered’s classes are generally geared to older students or those needing a more therapeutic approach.  Individual sessions and yoga therapy allow for development of a home practice, fitted to your specific needs and goals—and in a length of time that suits your lifestyle.  You really can do a 15 or 20 minute practice that’s beneficial when it’s specifically designed for you.  A special package is available for Yoga Therapy--3 sessions for $125.

Aromatherapy Massage.

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils to benefit body, mind and spirit.  In an aromatherapy massage session, the massage oil includes a freshly-blended mixture of essential oils especially formulated for the client's needs.  This type of session is only available in a 90 minute length to allow time for client assessment, selection of oils and blending, followed by a traditional English-style aromatherapy massage that may include Swedish, lymph drainage, and acupressure techniques.

​Introductory special:  1st 90 minute session is $70!

Myofascial/trigger Point Fusion.

After a warm-up of tissues with Swedish massage techniques, this bodywork focuses on both stretching the fascia around bound-up areas using light to quite deep pressure, followed by focused pressure on specific points that typically refer pain up or down the nerves.  A lighter version is available for those with more sensitivity to pain.


Hands-on Bodywork is not currently available.  However, Deborah can guide you on how to effectively do self-massage and stretching via Zoom either individually or in a small group.  Pricing is not listed online so please contact Deborah for details.  Common household objects, such as a belt or yoga strap, tennis balls or other balls, and a pool noodle are all you need.  Consider setting up a session soon!  

Bodywork Offerings. (When no longer Restricted)