Yoga Classes, Private Instruction, & Yoga Therapy.

Weekly classes and private, individualized instruction are available.  Viniyoga is focused on the individual regardless of whether in a private session or group class, so appropriate variations are offered to suit each person to achieve the most benefit from the practice.  Classes offered Monday and Saturday mornings 9:30-10:30 and Wednesday evenings 7-8 at Somatic Wellness, 11 Commerce Dr., Suite 100, Morgantown, WV.  Class limited to 8 people, so best to sign up in advance!

Aromatherapy Consultation and Botanical Perfumes.

Aromatherapy is the use of fragrant essential oils to benefit body, mind and spirit.  Individuals may want to try aromatherapy products created especially for them either to bring the body and mind into balance and wellness or simply for the joy of scent.  A schedule for private sessions will be posted soon.

Workshops for the general public are available from short courses of a couple of hours to a weekend on use of essential oils for emotional or physical first aid, how to make your own scented holiday gifts or skin care items.  To set up a workshop at your location, please contact us!

Private Teaching, Wellness Services, Public Classes

Breath Centered is more than a source of yoga and massage therapy training.  See below!

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Somatic Movement Education.

Somatics involves various types of movement meant to provide different kinds of experiences to allow the person to find, within themselves, better ways of moving that might allow, for example, easier breathing, working around painful or injured parts of the body, or neurological conditions.  Many somatic practices have been developed by practitioners from various backgrounds--dance, judo, physical education, and others.  BodyMind Centering Embodied Developmental Movement, Ideokinesis, and Movement Intelligence are the methods available through Breath Centered.  Bones for Life is offered Saturdays 11-12:30 at Somatic Wellness.  Class size is limited to 8 students.  Please sign up in advance to reserve your spot.


Pilates is a wonderful movement education or re-education system that uses breath, attention, and resistance (either body weight, small props, or springs on a variety of machines) to train the body for better, more efficient movement.  Suitable for anyone from seniors with movement limitations to elite athletes, Pilates builds strength and endurance in core muscles in the shoulders, spine, abdominals, and hips that, in turn, can improve balance, agility, and limb flexibility.

Deborah is a fully certified Balanced Body mat and equipment teacher.  Pilates is available both as group mat classes or as private sessions on equipment.  She will be teaching at Pilates for Every Body.  Check their schedule!



Sounder Sleep System.

For those suffering from insomnia, learning to use natural breathing and tiny movements can be beneficial for lulling the body and mind off to sleep.  Developed by Feldenkrais Practitioner, Michael Krugman, the Sounder Sleep System is a gentle, easy to learn way of reducing stress and insomnia.

Deborah is an authorized teacher of the Sounder Sleep System.  This work is available in group classes or by private sessions.  Classes offered Friday evenings 7-8 pm at Somatic Wellness are limited to 8 people.  Sign up now!