Physical Activity?  Quieter Mind?  Better Balance?  Sounder Sleep?  Something else?

Pilates Method

Developed by Joseph Pilates in WWI to rehabilitate soldiers, Pilates went on to work with varied populations for physical wellness and optimum movement.  It helps students tone, develop strength, balance, symmetry, focus, and well-integrated movement.  Teachers at the studio are certified by Balanced Body and we have most of the equipment practitioners expect in a studio--reformers, towers, chairs, as well as some less familiar arcs or step barrels, arm chair, and Core Align machine.

Yoga and Yoga Therapy

Although an ancient practice to prepare for deep meditation, yoga has evolved over the past 100+ years to become more of a physical practice as it has been adopted by the West.  Yoga at the studio is viniyoga as developed by T. Krishnamacharya and his son T.K.V. Desikachar which, depending on participants, may be a more active vinyasa flow from pose to pose or a slower, quieter practice with postures that includes focus on breathing, sometimes with Vedic chanting and other meditation.

Somatic Movement

A wide variety of somatic movement practices exist but those offered by Breath Centered include:

  • Movement Intelligence which includes programs in Bones for Life, Walk for Life and Movement Solutions which are good for healthy people as well as those trying to improve bone density, posture, gait, and various joint issues.
  • BodyMind Centering (c) Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga allows exploration of movement in new ways, where we might move from various organs, senses, or systems to find more pleasurable ways of going about life.
  • Ideokinesis uses easily accessed imagery to improve posture and movement and has been taught in dance programs, such as at Juilliard, for many years and used to help people in all walks of life to reduce pain.
  • Sounder Sleep System was developed by Feldenkrais practitioner, Michael Krugman, to use small movements to help people reduce nervous system tone during the day and lull themselves to sleep at night.


Shiatsu massage, an Asian style of bodywork is available.  The work involves applied pressure to the same energetic meridian system of the body used in acupuncture.  Clients wear loose-fitting or stretchy comfortable clothing while the practitioner uses hands, forearms, knees and feet to press, shake, jostle, and stretch the body.  Cupping may be applied to particular points to decompress tissues.

Traditional English Aromatherapy massage is available for clients wanting a more familiar Swedish-style massage with oil or lotion.  The blend is customized to each client for individual needs for pain relief, relaxation, energizing, etc,  This is not a deep tissue massage but is rather meant to take best advantage of the aromatherapy aspect.

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