Deborah has been practicing yoga since 1995 and teaching since 2004.  

She initially studied Iyengar yoga with teachers while living near Charlottesville and Williamsburg, VA, and, after moving to New York in 1999, she continued to study in that style at the Iyengar Institute, Bedford Yoga, and Hudson Yoga with various teachers.

Over time, she began to explore other styles and became interested in vinyasa yoga's flowing movement, taking classes with teachers in the Integral Yoga tradition as well as at YogaWorks.  She completed initial 200-hour certification in vinyasa yoga with Lisa Bennett and Charles Matkin, who were long-time instructors at ISHTA Yoga/Yoga Works.  

After beginning to teach at New York Sports Clubs, she studied yoga anatomy and movement intensively with Leslie Kaminoff and  Amy Mathews at The Breathing Project in New York and continued to learn breath-centered yoga, peri-natal yoga, and additional teaching techniques from other teachers at the same center, fulfulling the Yoga Alliance requirements for a 500-hour program.  

After leaving the health club environment, which did not allow for teaching the full panoply of yoga practice, she focused more on community yoga classes and beginning work with individuals.  She completed BodyMind Centering Embodied Developmental Movement and Yoga with Roxlyn Moret and Amy Mathews at The Breathing Project in 2008.

Her teaching has settled into a mindful, breath-centered flow yoga based on the teachings of T Krishnamacharya and TKV and Menaka Desikachar. She currently studies yoga practices with teachers in that lineage, including Guta Hedewig, Chase Bossart, Dolphi Wertembaker, Gary Kraftsow, AG and Indra Mohan, Fran Ubertini, Mia Azcue (her primary teacher), and others.

Deborah is primary instructor for the 200-hour course, teaching segments on anatomy, yoga history and the Yoga Sutras, class sequencing and adapting, and introductory courses in pranayama, meditation, mudras, and chanting.

Besides yoga, Deb holds a BS in therapeutic recreation from Virginia Commonwealth University and is a certified Balanced Body Pilates mat and apparatus instructor.  She is an authorized teacher of the Sounder Sleep System, just completed requirements for the Movement Intelligence programs in Bones for Life and Walk for Life, and is a certified massage therapist, aromatherapist, and shiatsu therapist.   

​Training Faculty for the WV/MD Training


Certified Iyengar Yoga teacher Leslie Dillingham Freyberg came to Yoga from twenty years in the dance and theater profession. While a member of the Jean Erdman Dance Theater, she met Ms. Erdman’s husband, the renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell.  It was through Campbell’s seminars on the mythology of India that Leslie received her first exposure to Sanskrit, the language of sacred sound, ancient Indian texts, and of Yoga.

Years later, Leslie met the late Mary Dunn, her first yoga teacher, and embarked on her study of yoga as disseminated by Shri B.K.S. Iyengar.

Leslie has studied Sanskrit extensively with Vyaas Houston (director of the American Sanskrit Institute),Edwin Bryant, John Campbell, Manorama, and Dr. Ram Sharma of the Yoga Societies of San Francisco and New York.   It was while attending Yoga retreats with acclaimed Iyengar Yoga teacher Patricia Walden that Leslie, through Walden’s inspiration and guidance, began to develop  chanting sessions with fellow participants.  The chanting of Sanskrit mantras proved to add an enriching dimension to the Yoga practice.

Leslie continues her studies with Patricia Walden at Yoga Mala of Cambridge, MA., where she enjoys leading Patricia’s students in chanting.

As a member of the faculty of the American Sanskrit Institute, Leslie travels nationwide under its auspices to teach the foundation of the Sanskrit Language, an indispensable component for the serious study of Yoga.  

We are hoping to have Leslie teach the Sanskrit portion of the course via online.  She is a most gifted instructor and makes learning this ancient language fun!