What Continuing Education is offered for

Massage Therapists?

Besides being a massage therapist since 1993, Deborah has been a student of shiatsu, BodyMind Centering ®, Movement Intelligence, Sounder Sleep System ®, and aromatherapy, as well as other modalities.  She is an approved provider through NCBTMB # 1000302 for the Sounder Sleep course and is able to provide training through FMI for the Bones for Life course (NCBTMB # 1530) .

Bones for Life ®

The Movement Intelligence program in Bones for Life is available for continuing education hours through NCBTMB provider Foundation for Movement Intelligence.  You may take this training by simply taking weekly classes for 12 weeks followed by a 2-hour workshop.  For those who are interested in pursuing this Feldenkrais Method-based program further, this is the first step toward the teacher-in-training program.  If there is sufficient interest in the certification program, the training manuals and the first round of training in all 90 basic level processes will be made available.

Workshops for Personal Growth, Self Help,

and Professional Development

Massage Therapy and Yoga Teacher CEUs Currently Available

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A Body Psychology Approach to Sounder Sleep System ®.

The Sounder Sleep System ® makes use of the two opposing principles of the nervous system--excitation and inhibition to induce relaxation and sleep by way of small, rhythmic movements.  The core principle of the Sounder Sleep System is that we can use these small gentle movements to initiate and amplify the inhibitory process at will to encourage a calming of the nervous system and deep, restful sleep.  The continuing education program for massage therapists requires attendance of 12 hours of experiential classes where all 16 techniques will be learned, as well as a 2-hour workshop that will cover the principles of excitation and inhibition, what constitutes "normal" sleep patterns, cultural variation in sleep, and more.

More offerings coming soon.  Please check back here or on the schedulicity site for Workshops.


Learning for Personal growth, Self Help, and Professional Development

Many of us are do-it-yourselfers and, while getting a massage or a private yoga session once in a while is great, we can’t afford to do those things every week.

Reasonably-priced, small-group workshops will be offered regularly so you can take home information to do things on your own.  Some topics might include:

Self-massage using balls
Essential oils for cold and flu season
Making your yoga more mindful
Natural skin care
Do-in and acupressure for health and vitality
Meditation practices (that aren’t just sitting)
Movement solutions for funky shoulders and bum knees
The alchemy of menopause

Professional training and continuing education will also be available for yoga teachers and massage therapists.  Most of these courses will be open to enthusiasts, too.  So, whether you’ve thought of becoming a yoga teacher or just want to know more about yoga or bodywork or aromatherapy for your own use, you’re welcome to participate.  And, especially if you thought of teaching yoga but your brain said “oh, I can’t do all those poses—so I guess I can’t teach”—you can throw away that mindset!  Think again about teaching to people in your own age group and beyond.  There’s so much need for older practitioners who know what it is to be in a different body.

WORKSHOPS FOR April, May and june 2020 


The Sounder Sleep System exploits the two fundamental, opposing principles of the human nervous system, excitation and inhibition, to produce its inhibitory sleep-inducing effects.  The core principle of the Sounder Sleep System is that we can use small, slow, gentle bodily movements to initiate and amplify this inhibitory process, at will. The result is natural, restful sleep whenever we need it.


Long-time Feldenkrais practitioner, Michael Krugman, took some of the gentler practices from Feldenkrais Method, meditation and yoga and developed this program.  The practice includes “Day-tamers” that are meant to bring down the overall tone of the nervous system during daytime activities as well as “Night-tamers” that are meant to lull the person to sleep when they go to bed at night as well as when they wake up during the night.  Day-tamers are generally done seated in a chair while night-tamers are lying down.

Offered as weekly classes, this workshop provides information needed to effectlvely do the practices on your own.  A 48-minute "intro" class is available on YouTube.  Click the button below to view the video.

Further instruction will be offered in both the techniques of Sounder Sleep and the scientific basis.  You can either attend the classes live on Thursdays at noon or Fridays at 7 p.m. or sign up to receive a link to the recordings.  For massage therapists, you can receive up to 14 hours of continuing education credits through NCBTMB by viewing the introductory free video and attending 14 weekly 1-hour classes.  Because the price of attending online classes is greatly reduced right now, you can earn these credits for as little as $75!