Pilates: Group and Individual Instruction

Pilates Method movement exercises are best done in small classes with fully certified instructors who are able to closely watch how you move and coach you toward better movement appropriate to your goals, age and physique, taking into account any limitations you may have.  You can start with a group class or opt for personal training.  The Pilates for Every Body studio is fully equipped with reformer machines with towers, chairs, and lots of smaller equipment to provide variety and keep the workouts interesting and effective for everyone, Schedule by calling or texting Liz Rossi at Pilates for Every Body or contact Deborah via text or email.  Private sessions:  $60/hour.  Group classes:  $25/class.  Packages also available.

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Yoga, Pilates and Bodywork

Group Classes & Private Wellness Sessions


Group Classes

Individual yoga Learning

yoga therapy

Yoga at the gym, community center or even some studios can be intimidating.  Everyone seems so strong and limber and the classes may be too fast-paced.  Maybe you actually prefer to do a practice on your own at home but are never sure if you’re “doing it right.” And fitting an hour or more into your life simply isn’t working for you.  You've heard about the stress relieving benefits but maybe classes you've tried didn't really have that aspect.  Or you tried a meditation class but sitting on a cushion on the floor for an hour just wasn't for you.

Viniyoga specifically recognizes that there are different practices needed at different stages of life.  And, if you’re in the “householder” or “elder” phase your practice needs to be different from the “youth” or “student” phase.  Yoga can be geared to people who would like a slower, more mindful approach or simply have some specific health goals--or to more active pursuits.  Individual sessions and yoga therapy allow for development of a home practice, fitted to your specific needs and goals—and in a length of time that suits your lifestyle.  You really can do a 15 or 20 minute practice that’s beneficial when it’s specifically designed for you.  Book a private session or request info about a class to see how yoga can work best for you.  $49 for introductory private session.

Shiatsu Influenced Massage.

Shiatsu differs from Western massage in that it views the human system as moving, flowing energies that, when performing optimally, allow the person to be healthy in body, mind, and emotions.  When out of balance, energies may stagnate in certain areas and result in physical issues, such as pain or stiffness, or in mental/emotional issues, such as anxiety, insomnia, fear, or sadness.  

The work is performed with the recipient on a mat on the floor or a low table, wearing loose-fitting, comfortable clothing.  The therapist uses hands, forearms, knees, and feet to apply varying levels of pressure in general ways or to more specific points.  Shaking, rocking, and stretching are also part of the treatment, depending on the client's needs.  No oils, creams or powders are usually applied, although a small amount of oil may be used on the face or hands if skin is particularly dry.

In addition to shiatsu and acupressure techniques, the session may include some myofascial release and trigger point work.

Current Special at Kindred Spirits:  1-hour session is $49!  90 minute session is $70!

Hands-On Bodywork

Hands-on Bodywork is currently available with Deborah either by booking with Massage Envy Morgantown on Fridays or Saturdays or through the Schedule Now button below for Shiatsu Massage at Kindred Spirits Yoga + Wellness.

Although trained and certified in a wide variety of bodywork modalities, only shiatsu-influenced massage is currently available as a private session.  

Somatic Education:

Bones for Life®/Movement Intelligence

BodyMind Centering

Sounder Sleep System®


The various schools of somatic education all revolve around the idea that we can move better and have less pain and restrictions with proper training and attention.  Some use specific aids (balls, hiking poles, wraps, etc.) to provide support or improve alignment while others use imagination and imagery or movement itself to guide participants into more ease and physical harmony.  While there is often a therapist-applied, hands-on aspect to somatic work, the key element toward improvement is self-application of learned principles that can be applied in daily life.

Properly applied, somatics can help with a wide variety of issues from insomnia to osteoporosis to gait problems or joint pain--even neurological dysfunction. Sometimes learning just a few simple "tricks" can greatly improve quality of life.

Somatic practices are available currently as individual or small group classes on request, generally at the same times listed for yoga therapy and shiatsu massage.  Some may be taken for massage therapy CEUs.  Pricing is not listed online so please contact Deborah for details.