Deborah's Schedule

7:15 am

Pilates Equipment Class@   
9:30 am

Chair Yoga#

11 am


Yoga Therapy$

Yoga for Meditation%

Massage Envy
!:30 pmShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$


Yoga Therapy$


Yoga Therapy$


Yoga Therapy$

Shiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Massage Envy
2 pmShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Shiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Shiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Shiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Massage EnvyShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Massage Envy
4:30 pmShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$

Pilates Mat Basics%Massage EnvyShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$Massage Envy
6 pm

Massage EnvyShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$
7 pm

Massage EnvyShiatsu/ Yoga Therapy$
8 pm

Massage Envy

Location Key:

   @ Pilates for Every             Body

   # Spruce Street                    United                           Methodist                       Church (1st &                3rd Thursdays)

   $ Kindred Spirits                Yoga + Wellness

   % Inner Life Yoga


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Yoga.  Bodywork.

And so much more.

For midlife and beyond.

As we move into midlife, things change.  Bodies need more time to warm up before activity.  Life can be more stressful.  Those stresses can change as children leave the nest, parents age, and careers move toward an end or feel less fulfilling.  We may feel less relevant in society even though we still feel vital and alive on the inside.  All these transitions can leave us questioning the future.

Breath Centered is about making a place for and building community around this time of life.  Virtually anyone with the desire can do movement and participate in other practices to maintain health and wellness of body and mind.  If you are interested in activities that maintain and improve strength, balance, posture, and ease in aging bodies and practices that promote mental focus and awareness, Breath Centered is here for you with a variety of offerings, including small group classes, individual sessions, and educational workshops.