Deborah Layton and her business, Breath Centered, is excited to work collaboratively with other businesses in the Morgantown, WV area to bring you thoughtful, high-quality wellness services and learning opportunities.  For over 30 years, I've been learning in-depth about and practicing wellness modalities that I love to share!

Breath Centered is about making a place for and building community with people interested in improving their own health and movement and working with clients doing the same.  Virtually anyone with the desire can do movement and participate in other practices to maintain health and wellness of body and mind.  If you are interested in activities that maintain and improve strength, balance, posture, and ease in bodies and practices that promote mental focus and awareness, Breath Centered provides a variety of offerings, including small group classes, individual sessions, and educational workshops.


Welcome to Breath Centered 

A Wellness and Learning Practice


Pilates.  Bodywork.

And so much more.


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Online scheduling

Deborah's Schedule/Available Classes

& Private Sessions


​8:30-9:30     Pilates Group Equipment Class

9:45-12:30   Private Pilates Sessions

12:45-1:45   Pilates Group Equipment Class 

4:00-4:45     Zoom Standing/Sitting Pilates Class

5:30-6:30     Pilates Group Equipment Class


8:30-9:30   Pilates Group Equipment Class

1:30-5:00   Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage Available 

5:30-6:30   Pilates Group Equipment Class 


7:45-8:45   Private Pilates Sessions

9:00-10:00 Pilates Group or Private Equipment Class (time available)

10-10:45    Chair Yoga

1:30-5:00   Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage Available


12:00-3:30 Massage Therapy at Massage Envy

4:00-8:00   Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage Available


8:30-2:00   Massage Therapy at Massage Envy

3:00-6:00   Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage Available

​Note:  Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage may be scheduled sometimes on Sundays or Tuesdays.  Please inquire.

All Pilates classes and private sessions are taught at Pilates for Every Body in Sabraton

Chair Yoga is FREE and is at Spruce Street United Methodist Church.  Masks required.

All Yoga Therapy and Shiatsu Massage is at Kindred Spirits Yoga + Wellness

At present, no other classes or types of bodywork are offered.  If you are interested in Movement Intelligence, BodyMind Centering, Ideokinesis, Sounder Sleep System, Aromatherapy, or other classes for yourself or your group, please inquire.